Ride, Front & Rear 2.5 Shock Package, 0-3.5″ lift, DPA – 2003-2009 4Runner Stock Weight

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This front & rear shocks package is ideal for a 2003-2009 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner that has little to no added weight from accessories.

The 2.5″ coilovers are specifically outfitted with 550 lb/in springs which should deliver 2-3″ of lift. They are paired with rear shocks which should deliver 0-1.5″ of lift. Both are outfitted with custom valving designed to fit a 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner with a front weight range of 1950-2450 LB and a rear weight range of 1850-2300 LB. They feature a custom internal piston design, compression adjusters, shock fittings and hoses are just a few of the components that create unmatched damping performance. These application and weight range specific shocks dominate in class and provide an incredibly smooth driving experience while daily driving on road or exploring off-road. Fine tune your Ride Shocks performance even further by utilizing the High and Low Speed Compression adjusters. The Dual Piston Adjusters offer 12 clicks of adjustments on each knob, allowing you to compensate for added weight or stiffen up for high speed off-road driving. Experience the ultimate ride quality, with custom tailored Ride Shocks for your 4Runner. *Aftermarket Upper Control Arm is required for proper alignment. 525413189 599000007 525413989

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Ride Shocks 3.0 ID Coil Savers

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Ride Quality

Drawing on more than 15 years of experience fine-tuning top name-brand shocks, Ride Shocks’ team of engineers set out to create the market’s premier OEM fit shock at a cost that competes with the best shocks on the market today. What distinguishes Ride Shocks is our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional performance without compromising affordability.

Our engineers have seamlessly integrated their extensive knowledge and background into every aspect of our shocks, ensuring that you not only get a superior riding experience but also an OEM fit that surpasses industry standards. Choose Ride Shocks for precision, reliability, and a smoother ride that complements the total weight of your accessorized of your vehicle.

Weight Range Options

We understand that accessories matter. Most aftermarket shock options fail to account for the additional weight of common vehicle upgrades or the variety of available model weights. At Ride Shocks, we’ve disrupted the industry norm of the “one shock fits all” approach. We offer a full lineup of shock options to accommodate a diverse range of model trims and even fully customized vehicles stacked with all the option parts.

Discover the difference with Ride Shocks – we’ve meticulously crafted shocks to suit your vehicle’s weight, ensuring optimal performance, on and off-road. Whether your vehicle is stock or highly modified, we’ve got the right shocks to enhance your driving experience. Trust Ride Shocks to deliver precision-tuned, properly outfitted shocks, tailored to your specific needs.
Upgrade your RIDE with confidence!

Piston Assembly

At the core of every shock lies its main piston valving. Ride Shocks has introduced a groundbreaking (patent pending) piston design that efficiently directs a significant volume of oil through a network of ports, leading to either the compression or rebound side shim stack. This stack, comprised of progressively smaller shims, offers a unique capability to finely control the shock’s up and down movement. With the flexibility to adjust the number of shims, we can achieve a meticulously balanced ride. At Ride Shocks, we take it a step further by customizing the valving of each shock to harmonize with the specific vehicle weight, ensuring an optimal blend of bump handling and a plush ride experience.

DPA Adjusters

DPA stands for Dual Piston Adjuster. With the turn of a knob, you can independently adjust your shocks HIGH and LOW speed compression levels. From the factory, your adjusters will both be fully decreased (open). Increasing (closing) the LOW speed will allow you to stiffen the ride of your suspension and make it less active during low speed (shaft speed/not vehicle speed) movements. This comes in handy when the suspension feels too bouncy over gradual rolling bumps. Increasing the HIGH speed will allow you to dial in your ride when shooting through rough washboard terrain and can also come in handy when adding weight to your vehicle.

Shock Body & Reservoir

CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum, Hard Anodized Finish. 2.5” Diameter aluminum shock bodies and external reservoirs help dissipate heat and reduce operating pressure for long lasting performance. Aluminum bodies and oil volume help resist high temperatures that are common with off-road use. Hard anodized aluminum shock bodies will resist corrosion for long lasting looks and performance.  


Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 12 in
Front Shock SKU


Front Weight Range

1950-2450 LB

Spring Rate

14" X 3.0" X 550 lb/in

Rear Shock SKU


Rear Weight Range

1850-2300 LB

Main Piston

3D Machined Aluminum, Smooth Ports, High Flow, Linear


DPA, Dual Piston Adjuster, High Speed & Low Speed

Shock Body

CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum, Hard Anodized Finish

Shock Seals

HNBR Main Seal, Viton IFP Seal, Dual Urethane Wipers

Shock Shaft

7/8 in, Induction Hardened 1045, Hard Chrome Plated

Product Notes

Lift heights are not guaranteed and may vary depending on vehicle model & spring rate.

Ride Shocks 3.0 ID Coil Savers


18 inches x 14 inches




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