About us


Ride Shocks is a passion project created by the suspension experts from AccuTune Offroad. It is the culmination of 19 years of suspension engineering and tuning experience. Our commitment is to deliver the best tuned shocks for specific vehicle applications, ensuring that every investment in superior handling suspension results in the ultimate Ride experience. As shock and suspension enthusiasts, our founders and engineers bring over 50 years of collective experience in shock development, driven by a passion for making the best performing products possible.

Our mission is to revolutionize your driving experience by providing precision Ride control that transcends the boundaries of comfort and performance. We exist to offer enthusiasts distinctive shock options that not only guarantee superior Ride quality right out of the box, but also enhance the visual appeal of their vehicles. Our commitment to industry-leading designs, the finest materials, and meticulous tuning ensures that Ride Shocks exceed your expectations.

Ride Shocks are designed, developed, engineered, tested & assembled in San Diego, California